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SKAP utilised Arqit QuantumCloud™ SDKs for Kotlin/Java; C/C++ and Python. The SDKs are the preferred mechanism to provision keys when not using a application provided by the SKAP service. Each of the APIs comes with comprehensive API documentation and exemplar applications.

Access to download¤

During onboarding clients will receive object storage connection details to download the current SDKs and supporting API documentation.

Required tooling and versions¤

Kotlin / Java¤

  • Gradle (to utilise builds for exemplar applications)

C / C++¤

  • CMake (to utilise exemplar applications)
  • On POSIX systems:
  • libcurl
  • libssl
  • libcryptopp
  • libcrypto
    • Typically packaged with libssl


  • pip for installation management
  • Note that installing the arqit libraries will pull down a number of dependencies.

SDK feature matrix¤

QuantumCloud™ feature matrix with current SDK versions.

Features / SDK Kotlin / Java C / C++ Python
Supported SDK Version 2209.20220906.14 2209.20220906.14 2209.20220906.14
QKEY registration
OTA_TLS registration
OTA_QUANTUM registration
Key negotiation via sockets
Group Key negotiation
Key Negotiation via MQTT