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AUCloud Sites connected via VCDA


VMware VMware Cloud Director Availability (VCDA) is configured in all AUCloud Sovereignty Zones. This article outlines details for each VCDA instance and what zones (ie peer sites) are connected.

AUCloud site-to-site connections¤

Sovereignty Zone City URL VCDA Site Name Connected Peer Site(s)
AUCloud CSZ Canberra AUC_CDC_Fysh1-UP-Prod-01 AUC_CDC_ECrk1-UP-Prod-01
AUCloud SSZ Sydney AUC_CDC_ECrk1-UP-Prod-01 AUC_CDC_Fysh1-UP-Prod-01
AUCloud BSZ Brisbane AUC-NDC-Brisbane AUC_CDC_ECrk1-UP-Prod-01
AUCloud MSZ Melbourne AUC-NDC-Melbourne future site