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Use Case - Create a Web Server to communicate with the internet


This use case is a walk-through of a general process for deploying a web and application server through VMware Cloud Director.

Build Virtual Machines¤

The first step is to build the required virtual machines (VMs).

VMs can be created as standalone or within a vApp. In this example we will create the VM from scratch inside a vApp which allow you to combine multiple VMs into a single management unit.

Create a New Standalone Virtual Machine

Additional information on how to import a saved vApp from an imported OVF

Import OVF¤

Create a vApp Template from an OVF File


Example only. vApp content and IP addresses are variable. IPs can be assigned in several different ways.

Create an Internal Network¤

An ORG vDC network is required to allow your VMs to communicate with each other and external networks.

Build an ORG vDC network¤

Add a Routed Organization Virtual Data Center Network


Connect Network to vApp and VM¤

Connect vApp to network¤

Add a Network to a vApp

Connect the VM Primary NIC to the network¤

Change the Hardware Properties of a Virtual Machine


Configure Firewall NAT rules on Edge Services Gateway¤

Configure firewall¤

Add an NSX-T Data Center Edge Gateway Firewall Rule


Locate your public IP address by clicking on Edges, navigating to GeneralConfigurationGateway Interfaces tab. The public IP is located in the Primary IP column.

Configure NAT¤

Add an SNAT or a DNAT Rule to an Edge Gateway


About the ESG¤

How the Edge Services Gateway works

Turn on VMs and force re-customisation to complete