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Red Hat Licensing


AUCloud's compute service allows users to provision virtual machines running Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

Under the CCSP program tenants must use provision licenses from AUCloud using the 'Red Hat update infrastructure' setup by AUCloud.

Currently AUCloud provides licenses for: - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9

Please contact support if you need other Red Hat products or versions.

How does it work¤

At a high level:

  1. Users provision a RHEL VM from a ISO or template
  2. The vm at this stage will be unable to pull updates from Red Hat or AUCloud as it will be unlicensed.
  3. Users apply a license entitlement (via a rpm), to their virtual machine.
  4. The license entitlement will target updating to the AUCloud Red Hat update infrastructure
  5. Users will then be able to pull updates and content from the AUCloud update infrastructure.
  6. Users Red Hat vms will automatically be billed when deployed on AUCloud.
  7. License entitlements will need to be refreshed if VMs are deployed continuously for 2 years or more.


  1. Red Hat update infrastructure is only accessible from AUCloud IP ranges.
  2. AUCloud can only license Red Hat on AUCloud's infrastructure.

Further details¤

  1. Installing and updating license entitlements
  2. Red Hat Update Infrastructure