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Software Licensing


AUCloud can provide licensing for a number of Microsoft; VMware; and Red Hat products when deployed within the AUCloud infrastructure. Licensing models may change depending on whether AUCloud's multi-tenant platform is used; or if a customer deploys to a dedicated environment.

Operating system licence templates¤

AUCloud provided templates for Microsoft Windows (various versions); and Red Hat Enterprise Linux by default will use AUCloud provided Licences. If you are seeking to Bring Your Own Licence (BYOL), please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Microsoft Products currently supported by AUCloud¤

Microsoft's SPLA enables us to sell many products such as Sharepoint Server, Biztalk Server, etc. For a product not on this list please contact AUCloud Support or your sales team.

Name Version How
Windows Server 2022 AUCloud standard template in VCD
Windows Server 2019 AUCloud standard template in VCD
Windows Server 2022 AUCloud standard template in VCD
BYOL Windows Any Customer provided or AUCloud template, contact support for licensing
SQL Server Standard Customer installed, contact support for licensing
SQL Server Web Customer installed, contact support for licensing
SQL Server Datacentre Customer installed, contact support for licensing

Microsoft licensing in AUCloud's multi-tenant platform¤

AUCloud licences Microsoft products using the Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA). Unfortunately, this does not provide any not for profit or charity options for licensing. However, customers can choose to bring their own licences (subject to applicability), through Microsoft's recent improvements in licensing and the Flexible Virtualisation Benefit.

Flexible Virtualisation benefit

Products covered by the Flexible Virtualisation Benefit The Flexible Virtualisation benefit applies to all software products that are available under subscription licenses or licenses with Software Assurance coverage. This includes server products such as Windows Server, SQL Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, System Center and others. This also includes desktop products such as Windows 10/11, Office desktop applications and Microsoft 365 Apps.

Customers are also able acquire and bring their own licences (for example Academic or Not For Profit) through other Microsoft licensing schemes such as the Enterprise Agreement or Open Value subscription. Microsoft provide specific licensing options for some industries which can be exploited.

BYOL Windows Server licences¤

In order to bring Windows servers to the AUCloud shared infrastructure.

Minimum core licences for BYOL

There is a Microsoft mandated minimum of 8 cores per windows VM for BYOL. Customers are advised that under 8 cores it is likely to be more cost effective provisioning licences via AUCloud

  1. Validate your licences (see the references below)
  2. Provide AUCloud Service Desk the names of the VMs (and the VDC in which they reside) to which you want to bring your own Microsoft Windows licences

BYOL Red Hat licences¤

AUCloud is a registered CCSP which enables us to provide Red Hat licences to Customers. However, we are not a 'Cloud Access' partner, so cannot support customers who wish to bring their own licences at this time.

Please contact AUCloud Support or your sales team if you require this service and we can consider your request.

AUCloud Hardware dedicated customers¤

Customers can bring most Microsoft licences to dedicated hardware as, from Microsoft’s perspective, the hardware is no different to the customer running it themselves.

Microsoft licensing references¤

Last update: October 16, 2023