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How to perform a reverse task


Verify that you have performed a Failover task to the vApp before starting the Reverse task.

Performing a reverse task¤

  1. In the VMware Cloud Director Availability Portal, select the vApp that you want to reverse either from the Incoming Replications or from the Outgoing Replications page, then click All Actions and select Reverse.

  2. Enter your availability service account credentials if prompted.

  3. A Reverse pop-up window displays. Select Reverse to confirm the reverse operation, or Cancel to cancel the reverse operation.

  4. You can monitor the progress of the task in the Replication Tasks pane.


After the reverse task completes, the reversed replication overwrites the source vApp or virtual machine. The virtual machine now runs on the primary destination site with a workload protection at your primary source site.  

Next Steps¤

To run the workload from the original source site, perform a Failover back to the source site, test failover, pause the reversed replication, and edit the configuration, or migrate the vApp.