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Creating a Bucket

Creating a Bucket¤

  1. To begin, you will first need to create a bucket. Click on Buckets from the left-hand menu then click on GET STARTED.

    Create Bucket

  2. Enter a name for your bucket. The name must comply with the validation rules:

    • Must be unique across all existing names.
    • Must comply with DNS naming conventions.
    • Must be at least 3 and no more than 63 characters long.
    • Must be a series of one or more labels.
      • Each label can contain lowercase letters, numbers and hyphens.
      • Each label must start and end with a lowercase letter or a number.
      • Adjacent labels are separated by a single period (.)
    • Must not be formatted as an IP address (for example,

    Create Bucket

  3. Click SAVE. The bucket you have just created will now be displayed in your list of buckets.

  4. To create additional buckets, click on +NEW BUCKET and follow the wizard to create as many buckets as you require.

    Additional Buckets