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Kubernetes Networking Prerequisites


This document is aimed to provide AUCloud tenancy administrators an overview on the prerequisites that are required to be setup before a Kubernetes cluster can be deployed.

The below prerequisites must be completed before Provisioning clusters from the VMware Cloud Director UI

  • Account that has Organisation Administrator access to VCD tenancy
  • Create Routed Network
    • Firewall rule to allow access to internet resources.
    • NAT rule to allow access to internet resources.
  • External IP address or internal one on the specified routed network (at least one). This is required for the Control Plane IP (virtual server, VIP) used to administer the Kubernetes cluster.

OrgVDC Network¤

It is recommended to create a dedicated Routed Network to deploy Kubernetes nodes to. Creating multiple Routed Networks for different Kubernetes clusters is also recommended.

Please see our Create a Routed VDC Network guide.

Edge Gateway¤

For full Edge Gateway guide please see Edge Services Gateway

The below Firewall & NAT rules are required for the deployment of the Kubernetes Clusters. The deployment of the Kubernetes clusters is run from a temporary VM that is created within the tenancy and requires access to VMware Github CSE repository for deployment scripts.

Firewall Rules¤

Setting Value
Name Enter a name for this rule
State Enabled
Applications 53/UDP (DNS)
53/TCP (DNS)
Source Security group created from either Static Groups or IP Sets that contains the OrgVDC network/IPs that Kubernetes nodes are deployed on
Destination Any
Action Allow
IP Protocol IPv4
Logging not required
Comments not required

Kube FW Rule

NAT Rules¤

Setting Value
Name Enter a name for this rule
Description Optional: description for this rule
Interface Type SNAT
External IP External IP address on the Edge Gateway
Internal IP Internal IP(s) or CIDR of internal kube network
Destination IP Leave blank

Kube NAT rule

Kubernetes Control Plane IP¤

It is best to plan what Control Plane IP address will be used by the Kubernetes cluster before you deploy the cluster. This IP address can be an external IP (public) that is hosted on the tenancy's Edge Gateway. This IP address will be inserted into the KUBECONFIG file, and therefore kubectl commands (see kube config) will use the IP access the Kubernetes cluster to control settings.

If no Control Plane IP is specified during the provisioning wizard, then an IP on the Edge Gateway's external IP range will be used. Cluster creation will fail if there are no free external IPs available.

When specifying an internal IP it needs to be a free IP on a routed network that is connected to the Edge Gateway in the OrgVDC that the Kubernetes cluster is deployed to.

The Control Plane IP is setup as Virtual Service under the Edge Gateway's Load Balancer settings.