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Deploying Tanzu packages using the Tanzu CLI


This document describes how to use the tanzu CLI to install validated packages into a Kubernetes cluster. If you are

Preconfigured namespaces

Tanzu packages have two namespaces

  1. tkg-system for running control plane relevant components
  2. tanzu-package-repo-global designed for user A number of commands below require the namespace and may generate inconsistent results without referencing the existing installations.

Step 1: Check what is installed.¤

The kubernetes cluster comes with packages pre-configured into two namespaces tkg-system and tanzu-package-repo-global. Users can use tanzu package installed list appended with the namespace -n MYNAMESPACE to interrogate what has been installed e.g.

tanzu package installed list -n tkg-system

  NAME                           PACKAGE-NAME                              PACKAGE-VERSION                STATUS
  antrea                                  1.2.3+vmware.4-tkg.1-advanced  Reconcile succeeded
  metrics-server                  0.5.1+vmware.1-tkg.1           Reconcile succeeded
  secretgen-controller      0.7.1+vmware.1-tkg.1           Reconcile succeeded
  tanzu-addons-manager            1.5.0+vmware.1-tkg.6           Reconcile succeeded
  tanzu-core-management-plugins  0.11.6-1-g90440e2b+vmware.1    Reconcile succeeded
  tanzu-featuregates                0.11.6-1-g90440e2b+vmware.1    Reconcile succeeded

The tanzu-package-repo-global namespace, by default will have no additional packages installed.

Step 2: See what you can install.¤

User installed packages should use the tanzu-package-repo-global namespace by default. Use tanzu package available list

tanzu package available list  -n tanzu-package-repo-global
\ Retrieving available packages... 

  NAME                           DISPLAY-NAME  SHORT-DESCRIPTION                                                                                           LATEST-VERSION  cert-manager  Certificate management                                                                                      1.5.3+vmware.2-tkg.1       contour       An ingress controller                                                                                       1.18.2+vmware.1-tkg.1  external-dns  This package provides DNS synchronization functionality.                                                    0.10.0+vmware.1-tkg.1    fluent-bit    Fluent Bit is a fast Log Processor and Forwarder                                                            1.7.5+vmware.2-tkg.1       grafana       Visualization and analytics software                                                                        7.5.7+vmware.2-tkg.1        harbor        OCI Registry                                                                                                2.3.3+vmware.1-tkg.1    multus-cni    This package provides the ability for enabling attaching multiple network interfaces to pods in Kubernetes  3.7.1+vmware.2-tkg.2    prometheus    A time series database for your metrics                                                                     2.27.0+vmware.2-tkg.1

Incompatible packages

The Tanzu packages list for the tkg-system namespace includes packages designed to operate with VMware's vSphere. The following packages should not be used as they have vcd equivalents installed already:


Step 3: Pick a package to install¤

The tanzu packages all have configuration details that can be customized. In the case of fluent-bit shown below we do not apply the customization. Use tanzu package install with the following arguments:

tanzu package install Friendly-name --package-name name-from-package-list -n namespace-of-package-list --version version-tag

which results in:

tanzu package install fluent-bit --package-name  -n tanzu-package-repo-global --version 1.7.5+vmware.2-tkg.1

\ Installing package '' 

 Installing package ''

 Getting package metadata for ''

 Creating service account 'fluent-bit-tkg-system-sa'

 Creating cluster admin role 'fluent-bit-tkg-system-cluster-role'

 Creating cluster role binding 'fluent-bit-tkg-system-cluster-rolebinding'

 Creating package resource

 Waiting for 'PackageInstall' reconciliation for 'fluent-bit'

 'PackageInstall' resource install status: Reconciling

 'PackageInstall' resource install status: ReconcileSucceeded

 'PackageInstall' resource successfully reconciled

 Added installed package 'fluent-bit'

Step 4: Validate the install¤

tanzu package installed list -n tanzu-package-repo-global
\ Retrieving installed packages... 

  NAME                           PACKAGE-NAME                              PACKAGE-VERSION                STATUS
  fluent-bit                          1.7.5+vmware.2-tkg.1           Reconcile succeeded

Users can also use kubectl get pods -A to validate that the pods have being provisioned.