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Network Security

DDoS protection¤

To prevent and mitigate a denial-of-service attack along with ensuring a highly resilient and highly available service, AUCloud utilises the Vocus DDoS premium level 3 Protect service.

Vocus DDoS Protect is the premium level of DDoS support, focused on providing automatic detection and mitigation of DDoS attacks. Vocus DDoS protection ensures Vocus IP Transit customers enjoy the performance for which the Vocus network is renowned, while providing visibility and control over the events that would simply be called a service outage in other networks.

The DDoS Protect service sits between the AUCloud perimeter firewall and the internet and not on individual customer tenancies.

The AUCloud SOC monitors the Vocus DDoS service and responds to any alerts.

Further information regarding the Vocus DDoS service is provided by Vocus here.

Connectivity to the Internet¤

To provide service continuity AUCloud utilises two Internet Service Providers (ISP). To provide a highly reliable and highly available service to customers the ISP's connect to both AUCloud Sovereignty Zones (CDC Fyshwick and CDC Eastern Creek).

In the event of the primary ISP becoming unavailable, automatic fail over is implemented and the service will be provided by the secondary ISP.