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Portal (New)

AUCloud VMWare Cloud Director (vCD) Portal Overview¤

AUCloud is releasing a new VMWare Cloud Director (vCD) Portal that is built to provide a flexible and secure platform for faster feature development for our customers. As part of the initial release, we are modernising our identity provider solution which provides customers the following benefits:

  • Streamlined access to AUCloud's products
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) to VMWare Cloud Director once authenticated
  • Allow users the ability to manage their own passwords
  • Additional functionality to manage password reset intervals

What does this mean for you¤

Effective 18 June, access to administer your VMware Cloud Director (vCD) services will be automatically migrated to the new Portal. This will coincide with a replication of the current Portal User Database and associated vCD permissions to our new Identity provider.

Setting up your new Portal Account¤

Password and 2FA credentials are encrypted and are not able to be migrated to the new Portal along with the user identities and permissions.

To get setup with the new portal to continue to access vCD you will need to go through the initial setup of your new portal account.

Using VMWare Cloud Director (vCD) APIs and tools¤

If you interact with our vCD environments outside of the web User Interface (UI), you need to change the way you authenticate. Affected VMware tools and services include, but are not limited to:

Release Stages¤

The way that you access key features will change as a result of this release. The process of the changes are outlined below:

Stage 1: Current state¤


  • Currently there is a single Portal that handles billing and authentication into vCD.
  • The existing portal is where you currently go to gain access all features.

Stage 2: Migration¤


  • We will be copying all users and permissions over to our new identity provider.
  • AUCloud's strong security controls mean that passwords and 2FA credentials are encrypted in our database, preventing us from migrating existing passwords and 2FA devices to our new Portal.
  • This will create an additional account for all users in our new Portal.

Stage 3: Accessing the new vCD Portal¤


A future release will migrate billing functionality into the new portal, and the old portal will be decommissioned.

Changed Features¤

Access VMware Cloud Director (VCD) tenancies¤

Our new Portal is built on top of a new identity provider that allows SSO authentication into your VCD tenancies. This means that you'll only need to provide your credentials once when logging in, then you'll be able to access all your VCD tenancies from a single dashboard with one click!

Please refer to this guide for details on how to login to VCD using our new Portal.

Manage Users and Permissions with your organisation¤

Managing users and permissions in the new Portal will be handled by our new identity provider. Proving more ways to manage your users, and more fine grained controls over access to your organisation portal, and the VCD tenancies in it.

Please refer to this guide for more details on how to manage users and permissions in our new Portal.

Account Self-Management (user details and password)¤

Managing your own user in the new Portal will be handled by our new identity provider. This includes updating your password, resetting 2FA, managing sessions across devices, and updating your personal information.

Please refer to this guide for more details on how to manage your account using our new Portal.

Getting Support¤

Please refer to this guide for information on getting support in general at AUCloud.

For convenience, once you have logged in to the Portal, there is a Help button on the left sidebar. Click this to open an email to