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AUCloud Kubernetes Service


The AUCloud Kubernetes service is a self-service enterprise grade Kubernetes Infrastructure based on VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, which is certified to be compatible with upstream Kubernetes. the service is integrated with VMware Cloud Director. Users provision clusters to their NSX-T backed VDC. The clusters come with pre-configured integrations with AUCloud's network and storage fabric to maximise performance.

Kubernetes is a popular open-source software system that helps automate the management and deployment of containerized applications. Containers are a way to package an application along with its dependencies, making it easier to move between different computing environments. With AUCloud's Kubernetes service, you can easily deploy and manage these containers at scale, allowing you to run complex applications reliably and efficiently on a cluster of computers. Kubernetes takes care of tasks such as scheduling containers to run on specific nodes, managing storage, and load balancing traffic between containers.

Getting started¤


  1. At least one NSX-T backed VDC

    1. Users who have an NSX-T backed VDC have access to Kubernetes cluster provisioning across our Enterprise and Official environments.
    2. Protected environment users are asked to contact your CSM.
    3. If you are using a NSX-V backed VDC please contact support and/or your CSM to get access to an NSX-T backed VDC
  2. Free public IP address ranges

    1. Users are advised to have at least 3 public IPs available during initial testing of the Kubernetes Service
    2. One for a SNAT to enable internet access for the Kubernetes nodes.
    3. One for a virtual service for the Kubernetes API
    4. At least one for exposing services to the internet.
  3. Access to a development environment with the core Kubernetes tools installed.

    1. kubectl
    2. helm3
    3. podman, docker or similar.
  4. Access to an external container registry (e.g. Docker Hub or Github container registry) is recommended for initial testing.