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How to resize VM disk


AUCloud provides a public catalog which contains VM templates with various OS flavours. Each of these VM templates is configured with 1 Hard Disk with the following default disk sizes :

OS  Disk Size VM Size
Linux Centos / Ubuntu 10GB  Mini
Linux Centos / Ubuntu 50GB  Small / Medium / Medium Plus / Large / Larger / Largest
Windows Server 2016 /2019 100GB  Small / Medium / Medium Plus / Large / Larger / Largest

It is recommended to utilise this Hard Disk as a dedicated OS drive/partition and create additional disks to store data, logs, applications installation, etc. To resize (increase) the disk drive / partition, the following need to be performed :

  1. Resize the disk from the VM level first
  2. Expand the disk / partition from the OS level.


The following steps provides guidance on how to resize VM level disk on AUCloud:

  1. Once you are logged in VMware Cloud Director through the portal, navigate to the Virtual Datacentre - Compute - Virtual Machines:

    Virtual Machines

  2. Select the VM which required its disk(s) to be resized, click on DETAILS.

    Virtual Machine Detail

  3. Then navigate to General - Hardware - Hard Disks section, click EDIT.

    Edit VM

  4. Adjust the disk size on the relevant disk.

    Edit Disk

  5. Warning You can only increase the disk size. If you try to decrease the disk size, the following alert will pop up and the disk size will not be updated:

    Decrease Disk

  6. Then click on Save button.

Once the above steps completed, the next thing to be performed is expand the disk from the OS level.


  • for Linux VM, rebooting the server may be required if the re-scan of the scsi devices did not pick up the new disk size
  • for Windows VM, to expand the disk, perform a re-scan on the Disk Management (in Computer Management) then perform extend volume