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Upgrading Kubernetes clusters using VCD


This document is aimed to provide AUCloud tenancy administrators an overview on how to upgrade kubernetes clusters within VMware Cloud Director (VCD).
To see how to upgrade a Kubernetes component version please see here

Following the steps outlined in this document will upgrade a Kubernetes cluster.

Upgrading a cluster¤

  1. From a VCD tenancy, Select More > Kubernetes Container Clusters. vcd main

  2. Select the radio select for the cluster you wish to upgrade and the Upgrade column will start an assessment if an upgrade is available. Once the assessment is finished the status of Available will be shown in this column. If an upgrade is Available, the Upgrade button across the top menu will be available. Click the Upgrade button to start the upgrade process. vcd kubernetes

This can also be done by clicking on the link of the cluster's name and viewing the status page as shown below: vcd kubernetes

  1. The Upgrade Cluster menu will show the cluster's current version and available versions to upgrade to. Select the version to upgrade to and click Upgrade. place holder

  2. There will be confirmation page that the upgrade process has started. Click Close. place holder

  3. The Kubernetes menu will show the progress status of the upgrade under in the Upgrade column. place holder

This can also be view within the 'details' page of the cluster in the VCD UI. place holder

  1. Once the kubernetes cluster has been upgraded, you will see the new version listed under the Kubernetes Version and the Upgrade column will show Not Available place holder