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Catalog: Use our public catalog to find standard VM sizes and operating systems for your VMware Cloud Director deployment. You can also create your own catalogs with specific applications or gold images for faster VM deployment.

Gateway: The NSX-V edge gateway connects an organization's virtual data center (VDC) network with an external network.

VDC Networks: A VDC network allows VMs to communicate and access external networks. It can also have multiple networks and vApp networks for added control. An organization VDC network enables VMs to communicate and access external networks.

SDDC: Access the SDDC from the ESG using a dedicated connection. It has a firewall and NSX-T Logical Load-Balancer for high availability and traffic distribution.

Using the API: The API allows you to connect to the AUCloud platform via PowerCLI and to use Terraform against AUCloud's implementation of VMware Cloud Director

Working with Virtual Machines:

Last update: October 16, 2023