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AUCloud Platform Overview

About AUCloud¤

AUCloud is an Australian owned and operated Sovereign Cloud Service provider that delivers services exclusively to Australian Government, Critical National Industries (CNI) and secure enterprise organisations. AUCloud's ownership structure and operational activities are aligned to the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF), the Information Security Manual (ISM) and the low-risk sovereign characteristics outlined within the DTA Whole of Government Hosting Strategy.

Established in 2016, AUCloud’s services and operations are only subject to the Australian legal jurisdiction. Managed, operated and monitored in Australia by security cleared staff, all AUCloud services and the data we host remain in Australia. This includes all customer data, metadata, support and administrative data and derived analytics data.

AUCloud is ISO 27001 certified and has also been security assessed as suitable to handle Government data up to the Protected classification under the Australian Cyber Security Centre's (ACSC) IRAP process. We are also Certified Strategic under the Digital Transformation Agency's (DTA) Hosting Certification Framework, a Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) supplier, a VMware Sovereign Cloud and Cloud Verified provider.

AUCloud operates from geo-resilient data centres in Canberra, Sydney, and Brisbane (CDC Data Centres and NEXTDC), with current expansion plans for Victoria and South Australia. AUCloud's highly qualified team is based in Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne with corporate headquarters and Security Operations Centre based in Canberra, ACT.

Sovereign Cloud Australia, global positioning¤

AUCloud is a Sovereign Community Cloud built specifically for Australian Government, Critical National Industry (CNI) and security conscious communities.  We are 100% owned by Sovereign Cloud Holdings Ltd.

With ambitions to export AUCloud expertise, services and IP across Asia, Sovereign Cloud Holdings, currently only operates within Australian territorial jurisdiction. However, deep relationships with Cisco, Cloudian, Pure Storage, VMware and a range of global systems integrators and Defence primes, provide AUCloud with a global footprint of expertise and a wide network of relationships. These relationships have underpinned global and Australian firsts in innovation and technology releases (e.g. Cloudian Object Lock anti-ransomware solutions).

AUCloud invests in Australian technologies and expertise; a review of AUCloud financials indicates that nearly 70% of our spend can be traced to Australian organisations.

Capability Overview¤

AUCloud’s IRAP certified OFFICIAL and PROTECTED environments are used exclusively by Australian Government and Critical National Industry organisations, to support their requirement for highly available, scalable and secure data. With a range of VM sizes, storage and connectivity options, customers can build cloud infrastructure in minutes; then test, run and scale within the environment. With access to their virtual environment through a highly secure web portal and VMware Cloud Director, Customers can automate and run infrastructure-as-code using the integrated AUCloud API.


AUCloud’s commitment to the highest level of security is enshrined in our corporate mission, which is to:

Deliver the leading scalable IaaS service sovereign to Australia, supporting Australian Governments and Critical National Industries, making their applications and systems more secure, more efficient and more effective for all users and citizens.

At AUCloud, we do not take this statement lightly; it is underpinned by a collective belief across the organisation that all Australians should and can have the confidence that their personal information is highly secure, with sovereign protection in Australia.

We believe this must be an affordable and flexible service, comparable to global provider offerings, whilst at the same time have the capability to support the changing requirements of our customers and channel partners.


AUCloud is lead by CEO Peter Maloney together with Executive Director and co-founder Phil Dawson.

AUCloud commenced formally operating in late 2018.  It has four office locations: Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and operates from two Sovereignty Zones: Sovereignty Zone 1 in Canberra and Sovereignty Zone 2 in Sydney, with scheduled expansion into Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Industry Credentials¤

As a VMware Sovereign Cloud provider AUCloud meets applicable geographic-specific sovereign cloud requirements, regulations and standards and is one of only 35 organisations world-wide with VMware Cloud Verified Provider status.

AUCloud’s ISO27001 certification covers end to end development, management, operation and security of AUCloud information systems & infrastructure, AUCloud automation and orchestration capabilities, and service delivery.

Last update: February 17, 2023